Spinal Decompression

Are you tired of living with chronic back pain, herniated discs, or sciatica? If you're seeking a non-surgical and drug-free solution to alleviate your spinal problems, look no further. Here at Razmik Mesrkhani Chiropractic, Inc., we are changing lives and revolutionizing spinal health with the help of Spinal Decompression Therapy. 

What is Spinal Decompression?
The therapeutic method known as spinal decompression has grown in popularity because it can treat neck and back pain without the need for surgery or protracted drug use.
The basic idea behind this procedure is to carefully and delicately widen the spaces between the spinal discs so that they can retract and release pressure on the nerves and other spinal structures.

The Purpose of Spinal Decompression Therapy
The primary goal of spinal decompression therapy is to provide relief from chronic pain, particularly in the back and neck regions. By reducing the pressure on spinal discs, this treatment can help promote the body's natural healing processes, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow to the affected area. The result? Diminished pain and improved overall quality of life.

Is It Good to Decompress Your Spine?
Yes, decompressing your spine is advantageous, especially if you have ongoing neck or back pain. For people looking for an alternative to surgery or drugs, spinal decompression therapy is a valuable choice because it provides a non-invasive and gentle method of pain relief. Decompression therapy can provide relief that can improve your daily activities and physical health.

Patient undergoing Spinal Decompression using SpineMED Therapy

Conditions Treated with Spinal Decompression Therapy
Spinal decompression therapy is versatile and effective in addressing a range of spinal conditions. Here are some of the common issues that can be treated with this therapy:

  1. Herniated Discs: Spinal decompression can help retract and relieve pressure on herniated discs, reducing pain and promoting healing.
  2. Bulging Discs: Similar to herniated discs, spinal decompression can alleviate discomfort caused by bulging discs by creating space between the affected discs.
  3. Sciatica: Sciatic pain often results from compression of the sciatic nerve. Spinal decompression can help alleviate this pressure and provide relief from sciatica.
  4. Degenerative Disc Disease: Individuals with degenerative disc disease may experience pain due to the natural aging process of the spine. Spinal decompression can mitigate this discomfort.
  5. Chronic Neck and Back Pain: For those suffering from chronic neck or back pain without a specific diagnosis, spinal decompression therapy can offer much-needed relief.

In conclusion, spinal decompression therapy is a promising non-surgical option for individuals seeking relief from persistent back and neck pain. By creating space between spinal discs and relieving pressure on nerves, it can be an effective method to promote healing and improve overall well-being. If you're grappling with chronic pain, consulting with a healthcare provider to explore the potential benefits of spinal decompression therapy may be a step towards a pain-free and more active life.

At Razmik Mesrkhani Chiropractic, Inc., we are committed to enhancing the well-being of our patients by offering SpineMED Decompression therapy. This gentle, non-invasive treatment is designed to provide relief to individuals dealing with conditions like Facet Syndrome, Disc Herniation, and Sciatica. If you're seeking natural and effective care for your spinal issues, we invite you to connect with us to schedule an appointment and explore how our services can benefit you.

Anahit M., Glendale, CA:
"Recently, my orthopedic doctor recommended spinal decompression therapy for my lower back. I went to Dr. Razmik Mesrkhani’s office and got my treatments. I am very happy with the results. He is an excellent doctor, very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Razmik and his office for all your chiropractic needs."

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