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Welcome To Razmik Mesrkhani Chiropractic, Inc.

Welcome to Razmik Mesrkhani Chiropractic, Inc., your trusted destination for exceptional chiropractic care in Glendale, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, Burbank, and other surrounding areas. Dr. Razmik Mesrkhani, a prominent Glendale chiropractor, brings over three decades of experience to guide your path to well-being.

Discover What Makes Us Different:

Our legacy, spanning back to 1995, signifies nearly 30 years of dedicated service. Dr. Mesrkhani's journey has refined his expertise, benefiting every patient he serves. Our practice seamlessly unites time-tested chiropractic methods with contemporary technology, offering a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal health. Our commitment reaches beyond pain relief, aiming to optimize your overall well-being.

Specializing in SpineMED Therapy and Laser Therapy, we provide effective solutions for lower back pain and whiplash. Our versatile approach, honed over 28 years, caters to diverse conditions and individual needs. Our patient-centered approach begins by attentively listening to your concerns. With comprehensive examinations, we design multifaceted strategies, going beyond adjustments. If acupuncture or medical testing is more fitting, we provide guidance accordingly.

We embrace a holistic philosophy, recognizing that enduring solutions stem from lifestyle modifications and multi-modal approaches. Our extensive experience affirms that this comprehensive strategy consistently delivers optimal results, effectively resolving health issues. Dr. Razmik Mesrkhani and our compassionate staff genuinely care about your well-being. We are here to assist you on your path toward optimal health. Begin your journey today by contacting us for a consultation.

A Journey to Wellness:

Situated in Glendale, California, our team of dedicated health professionals is committed to guiding you toward your wellness goals through chiropractic care. We are steadfast in teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care, offering you a better way of life.

Extended Convenience:

Explore our services offered at 4940 Van Nuys Blvd #301, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, extending care at your convenience. Contact us for further information.

Embrace health and vitality with Razmik Mesrkhani Chiropractic, Inc., your reliable Glendale chiropractor. Experience the transformative effects of our personalized chiropractic approach.

It's your life - live it in health with Razmik Mesrkhani Chiropractic, Inc., your trusted Glendale chiropractor.

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Glendale, CA 91205

Dr Razmik
Dr. Razmik Mesrkhani


  • "This place is amazing. Dr. Razmik is the best, and very accommodating in making my appointment. He helped me recover from my accident injury, her assistant Lily is the best too! The massage and therapy that you will get from this clinic are amazing. I will recommend this clinic if you're looking for one."
    K.V - Glendale, CA
  • "I started SpineMED on November 20, 2006. This machine was truly amazing. All my back pain has reduced tremendously since using this machine even though I have two herniated disks. I am able to function almost to full capacity. I am very thankful that I was referred to Dr. Razmik Mesrkhani. I will always be in your debt. I would definitely refer anyone else to your office who has back pain."
    P.B - Glendale, CA
  • "Recently, my orthopedic doctor recommended spinal decompression therapy for my lower back. I went to Dr. Razmik Mesrkhani's office and got treatments. I am very happy with the results. He is an excellent doctor, very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Razmik and his office for all your chiropractic needs."
    A.M - Glendale, CA

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